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Amazon Drones Higher

in Opinion
Amazon announced on 60 Minutes last night that they would be introducing 30 minute delivery by drones in 4-5 years. Does this change anything?

AMZN Only Worth Buying on the Pullback

in Stock Analysis by Ryan Mallory
At this point, I wouldn't chase the price action in Amazon (AMZN). Wait for the pullback to the breakout level on light volume around $377. The retest more times than not represents a clearer view of the risk in the trade, because if it drops below the breakout level, you get out - no questions asked. Also, if the trade is successful, you don't have to…

Short-Term AMZN Pullback Likely

in Stock Analysis by Ryan Mallory
Amazon likely closing in on the need to pullback here. I would expect a move back to the trend-line in the short-term likely around $360. That doesn't mean I would short the stock here, because the risk parameters are not clearly defined on how to short the stock at this point. It could still rise another $5-10 before seeing the pullback and as a…

AMZN Rejected at Key Support, Now Eyes $330

in Stock Analysis by Ryan Mallory
Last week, I posted that Amazon (AMZN) was on the verge of breaking down and that was finally confirmed with a huge break though key support. Now that we've broken key support in AMZN, it is now retesting that broken support and being rejected as a result. Look for a move to $330 now. The risk reward to getting short on AMZN is very favorable at these…

AMZN Exhaustion Gap Unfolding to the Downside

in Stock Analysis by Ryan Mallory
Watch out here with (Amazon) AMZN as support from the gap up two weeks ago has been violated as well as its steep current trend-line. You have an exhaustion gap ready to play out here and in the worse case scenario a move back to $310 filling both gaps in October. To say the least, you should best be looking at your exit plans for this stock. Here's…
Amazon AMZN technical analysis

AMZN Represents a Prime-Time Shorting Opportunity

in Stock Analysis by Ryan Mallory
Amazon (AMZN) is Hitting up against resistance, and if the gov't shutdown continues, AMZN is going to take a huge hit; likely to $290 or possibly $280. The stock is also testing the highs reached in July which also represents the underside of the highs reached in September and early October. Right now would be the time to get short on AMZN with a…

Will Amazon Struggle After A Barron's Dump?

in Opinion by Chris Drose
Barron's gave Amazon a pretty negative treatment in the weekends edition. Will this cause it to struggle near term?

Amazon: Don't read to much into the lack of hype, look at the odds

in Opinion by Chris Drose
Amazon perma-bear Paulo Santos made an interesting point about the new Amazon hardware release. That there was no hype. But his conclusion that this will lead to a Q3 miss might be off.
amzon sell-off coming at 300

Amazon More Likely To Drop to $280 Before Crossing Above $300

in Stock Analysis by Ryan Mallory
I've traded Amazon (AMZN) quite a few times this year with a respectable amount of success. Nothing to get rich off of, but I have captured some gains by trading it to the long side. However, at this point, I'm not really liking what I'm seeing. Its struggling far to much with the $300 level. For five straight days it has failed to break through the…
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Get Your Free Phone From Amazon, But Not Really

in Stock Analysis by Chris Drose
Jessica Lessin said that Amazon was going to release a free phone. This got the tech world buzzing, but it turns out the story wasn't true.

Amazon Is Changing

in Stock Analysis by Chris Drose
Amazon isn't the company we think we know. It's changing before our eyes and that is something we should be aware of.

Amazon Is A Lot Like Tesla

in Stock Analysis by Chris Drose
Tesla is the hottest stock out there this year, and I see many similarities between Amazon and Tesla. You know why Jeff Gundlach will take a ton of AUM from PIMCO over the next decade? Because even if he doesn't like what he sees, he understands the markets and doesn't fight it. While Bill Gross and PIMCO seem to be fighting the market while talking to…
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Why I Like Amazon A Lot

in Stock Analysis by Chris Drose
Amazon is a fantastic company for consumers. It has been a great company for shareholders as of late, I hope that continues.

Did I Miss Anything? I'm Back in Civilization

in Stock Analysis by Chris Drose
I spent the last five days hiking in Glacier National Park in Montana. It was great but I have to admit not having a signal and no-wifi did make me appreciate the comforts of modern life. So what did I miss?

Amazon's Website Was Down Today: Jokes Abound!

in Opinion by Chris Drose
Amazon's website was down today for a little bit. Naturally the internet did what it does best, and was snarky about the whole thing. Here are my favorite jokes I heard today about it. So here is what people were saying: -"While it was down today it had a brief reprieve from losing money"- footnotereader -"If the site is down their margins might go…

Did I Nail It On Amazon?

in Stock Analysis by Chris Drose
A couple of weeks ago I suggested that Amazon needed to come back to the are where it started the previous move upward, around the $282 level. I said it would drift down, was I right? After my little mini-rant against people shorting Amazon forever, (Seen here) I think I need an update to a previous article. A little after earnings I said that I…

Is Amazon Fresh Something Bigger and ChannelAdvisor Update

in Stock Analysis by Chris Drose
ChannelAdvisor has released its July same store data for Amazon and others and is Amazon Fresh really the start of something entirely different? ChannelAdvisor clients saw a 24.9% Y/Y increase on Amazon's same store sales. This is slightly weaker than the June number, which came in at a 30.6% increase. July's number is also the weakest in a year,…

Why It Doesn't Pay To Fight Amazon

in Opinion by Chris Drose
Amazon sent the first batch of emails out this weekend introducing Amazon Art. Not much on that, but here are the dangers of thinking you are smarter than the market.

The Good And The Bad of Amazon

in Stock Analysis by Chris Drose
I have been a little critical of Amazon and Jeff Bezos lately, but the growth is a good thing, up to a certain level. Have we reached that level yet?
Screen Shot 2013-08-07 at 3.05.13 PM

Amazon: Another Very Scary Chart

in Latest News by Chris Drose
There is a lot of news about, well everything, today. I've shrared a few scary charts for Amazon, and I've got another one for you today.
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Why Is Jeff Bezos Buying the Washington Post

in Opinion by Chris Drose
Jeff Bezos, not Amazon, is buying the Washington Post. I have one question, why? News this afternoon after the market close was that Jeff Bezos had boughten the Washington Post. This is interesting, especially coming on the heels that the Boston Globe was sold to Boston Red Sox owner John Henry for $70 million, much less than it was expected to get and…

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